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how to improve the quality of webcam Settings ?

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The quality of a video captured with a webcam can be affected by both the settings of the program used to operate the webcam, as well as by external environmental factors. The following tips will help you control environmental factors, and access and adjust video quality settings within YouCam software. Other programs may have similar controls.

1) Close background computer applications

Before you begin recording anything, close any browser windows or background applications that you dont need. All of these open programs add up and can consume a lot of your computer’s memory.

2) Use an External Microphone

Your computer’s built in microphone is probably good enough for Skype or FaceTime, but if audio quality matters, you should invest in an external microphone that plugs in directly to your computer through a USB or 3.5mm plug

3) Use an External WebCam

Your computer’s webcam is probably decent quality but if you want to upgrade you can purchase a HD quality webcam that connects to your computer through USB or FireWire. Not only will the resolution likely improve, but it will allow you to manually adjust the settings.

4) Improve Your Internet Connection Speed

Remember this??? It may have been a while since you last used an Ethernet cable but it can really help since it is faster and more reliable than a wireless connection. Also make sure that you are not performing any large downloads or updates on other computers or devices that could consume your internet connection’s bandwidth.

5) Remove Background Noise

Unplug any major appliances and electronic devices that could create noise. An unexpected phone call or the air conditioning kicking in could ruin a great take.

6) Improve Your Lighting

The simplest way to improve lighting is to turn on an overhead light and face a window when recording if possible. You can also position some lamps to create a simple 3 point lighting system.

7) Consider Your Visual Background

A quick way to appear more professional is to place a black backdrop. It removes the clutter from the background so the viewer can focus on what you are saying. Also avoid any stripes and patterns on clothing because the screen could create a distracting visual effect.

8) Adjust Your Flash Player Settings

Last but not least, making a few changes to your flash player settings can make a big difference in your WebCam video quality.
Adjust Local Storage
This setting uses your computer’s hard-drive to store and buffer much of the video content during the recording. This setting enables your graphics card to handle some of the processing during recording.
Set the microphone volume setting
Make sure to adjust the microphone volume before you begin. Too low and you won’t be able to hear, too high and the sound will become distorted and crackling.

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